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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Netflix Picks!

I'm here to share with you my current most watched TV programmes/movies on Netflix. I rarely watch TV any more, as I'm always on the go, whether it be working or being at friends houses etc, so my Netflix does get a fair amount of use. I should also admit that I do tend to have Netflix binges when I'm having a lazy day! 

TV Programmes

1. Pretty Little Liars - Even though we have to wait until January 2016 for the next season *sobs*, I still repeatedly watch all the other seasons, so it's okay. I'm probably on my 4th/5th PLL marathon right now. Don't judge me. I also hope the next season will still be on UK Netflix, because the special in November was NOT on Netflix. 

2. 90210 - When 90210 used to be on TV, I never had the opportunity to get properly into it, as I was always missing episodes. So, when I found it in the Netflix treasure trove of goodies I figured I would try watching it again and now I love love love it! 

3. Charmed - Charmed has always been a classic in my opinion. I just love it, always have. Therefore there isn't much to say here, as I have always had the same opinion of Charmed. 


1. Mean Girls 2 - Of course... I mean who doesn't love this movie and find it hilariously relatable.  

2. Monsters University - This may be a very PG kids film, but who cares, I love it! I used to love Monsters Inc. when I was a kid so this just gives me major throwback feels. 

3. Just My Luck - This is a classic, I'm pretty sure I know most of the words in this film. Throwback to all my childhood sleepovers where we would practically watch this on repeat. 

Sorry this was a short post I've been feeling slightly under the weather, which happens on a regular basis for me in Autumn/Winter. I promise I will be back soon with something a tad more interesting! Would love to know what Netflix Picks you have been loving or binging on recently... Let me know! 

Ciao, Maddie xoxo

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