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Friday, 18 December 2015

Blogmas 2015: My Christmas Routine?

I have titled this post 'My Christmas Day Routine', usually we have some family traditions which we partake in on Christmas Eve as well, but unfortunately I have to work on Christmas Eve this year. Perks of being a support worker, we don't get holidays off. 
Anyway let's get into my Christmas Day routine, starting at 10:30 when I finish work.

Christmas Day Morning - 10:30
I will come home from work and luckily everyone will already be awake, so I won't have to run around waking everyone up like usual! I will get changed into my Christmas Day outfit and we will have a small breakfast - something like poached eggs on toast and a nice cup of tea/coffee. Then, of course, we will open all of our presents.

After we have opened all of the presents we all pitch in and help to prepare Christmas dinner. I am usually in charge of baking biscuits, cakes and such, because I am far better at baking than I am at cooking! 

Christmas Day Afternoon

Next we will eat our Christmas dinner, whilst watching some Christmas films and TV. After we have eaten we will take our family Christmas photographs, as we do this every year. We usually play 1 or 2 board games in the afternoon, with Christmas films playing in the background and of course having a few alcoholic tipples. 

We then usually go for a nice, long family walk with the dog. It is a hundred times better when it has been snowing or is snowing, but it's still a lovely chance to chat and have a laugh with the family. 

Christmas Day Evening

In the evening we will settle down in our Christmas pyjamas, with the candles lit. I will stretch out on the sofa usually with a blanket thrown over me. Then we will watch more Christmas TV, until someone falls asleep. The first person to fall asleep is the person who makes breakfast on Boxing Day in our house, up to now it has never been me. 

Even though I am at work Christmas Eve, I'm still going to wear my Christmas Eve pyjamas and I will be listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas films...I won't be missing out!

Ciao, Maddie xoxo

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