Friday, 18 December 2015

Blogmas 2015: My Christmas Routine?

I have titled this post 'My Christmas Day Routine', usually we have some family traditions which we partake in on Christmas Eve as well, but unfortunately I have to work on Christmas Eve this year. Perks of being a support worker, we don't get holidays off. 
Anyway let's get into my Christmas Day routine, starting at 10:30 when I finish work.

Christmas Day Morning - 10:30
I will come home from work and luckily everyone will already be awake, so I won't have to run around waking everyone up like usual! I will get changed into my Christmas Day outfit and we will have a small breakfast - something like poached eggs on toast and a nice cup of tea/coffee. Then, of course, we will open all of our presents.

After we have opened all of the presents we all pitch in and help to prepare Christmas dinner. I am usually in charge of baking biscuits, cakes and such, because I am far better at baking than I am at cooking! 

Christmas Day Afternoon

Next we will eat our Christmas dinner, whilst watching some Christmas films and TV. After we have eaten we will take our family Christmas photographs, as we do this every year. We usually play 1 or 2 board games in the afternoon, with Christmas films playing in the background and of course having a few alcoholic tipples. 

We then usually go for a nice, long family walk with the dog. It is a hundred times better when it has been snowing or is snowing, but it's still a lovely chance to chat and have a laugh with the family. 

Christmas Day Evening

In the evening we will settle down in our Christmas pyjamas, with the candles lit. I will stretch out on the sofa usually with a blanket thrown over me. Then we will watch more Christmas TV, until someone falls asleep. The first person to fall asleep is the person who makes breakfast on Boxing Day in our house, up to now it has never been me. 

Even though I am at work Christmas Eve, I'm still going to wear my Christmas Eve pyjamas and I will be listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas films...I won't be missing out!

Ciao, Maddie xoxo

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Blogmas 2015: Self - Christmas Presents?!

So, I know I haven't done very well with Blogmas. In fact it's a disaster! It is nearly 8 days until Christmas and this is my first Blogmas post. Oh well, you've got to start somewhere and this year I decided to start on Day 17. I have been keeping up to date with all my Advent Calendars though of course! At this time of year, everyone spends money on family and friends and so have I, but I also realised just how many ''presents'' or ''treats'' I have bought for myself this month. Since it's Blogmas, I figured lets call these ''treats'' presents and give myself a reason to tell you all about them! Yay! 

1. Stag Print Bedding Set - Yorkshire Linen Co. - £17.99, but it can also be purchased in store at The Range, but it is slightly more expensive. I adore this bedding, I posted a photograph of this new bedding on Instagram this morning. 

2. The next item I purchased yesterday when I went Christmas shopping in Leeds. It is a 'Christmas Wishlist Oversized Shirt' that cost me £11. As I purchased it from a NEXT Clearance Store, I cannot find it anywhere online. So if you wish to find it head to your nearest store.

3. I also purchased a new purse at the NEXT Clearance store, for just £7. It fits all my thousands of loyalty cards amazingly well, whilst also having a zip section for coins and a notes section. 

4. I also purchased 3 new lipsticks from MAC. 1. MAC Frost Lipstick in Viva Glam IV 2. MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Party Line 3. MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Brave Red. I love red and berry toned lipsticks in winter, so there is my perfect excuse to buy some more. 

5. The Mindfulness Colouring book by Emma Farrarons was my next purchase. I bought it on Amazon and I love it. It is nice to sit down and relax and do some colouring. It reminds me of being a child all over again and I can forget about boring adult responsibilities for a little while. Which of course is great! 

So these have been my Self-Christmas presents during the months of November/December. Have you bought any presents for yourself this month? If so let me know what you've bought, I love hearing what shopping people have been doing.

Ciao, Maddie xoxo

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Netflix Picks!

I'm here to share with you my current most watched TV programmes/movies on Netflix. I rarely watch TV any more, as I'm always on the go, whether it be working or being at friends houses etc, so my Netflix does get a fair amount of use. I should also admit that I do tend to have Netflix binges when I'm having a lazy day! 

TV Programmes

1. Pretty Little Liars - Even though we have to wait until January 2016 for the next season *sobs*, I still repeatedly watch all the other seasons, so it's okay. I'm probably on my 4th/5th PLL marathon right now. Don't judge me. I also hope the next season will still be on UK Netflix, because the special in November was NOT on Netflix. 

2. 90210 - When 90210 used to be on TV, I never had the opportunity to get properly into it, as I was always missing episodes. So, when I found it in the Netflix treasure trove of goodies I figured I would try watching it again and now I love love love it! 

3. Charmed - Charmed has always been a classic in my opinion. I just love it, always have. Therefore there isn't much to say here, as I have always had the same opinion of Charmed. 


1. Mean Girls 2 - Of course... I mean who doesn't love this movie and find it hilariously relatable.  

2. Monsters University - This may be a very PG kids film, but who cares, I love it! I used to love Monsters Inc. when I was a kid so this just gives me major throwback feels. 

3. Just My Luck - This is a classic, I'm pretty sure I know most of the words in this film. Throwback to all my childhood sleepovers where we would practically watch this on repeat. 

Sorry this was a short post I've been feeling slightly under the weather, which happens on a regular basis for me in Autumn/Winter. I promise I will be back soon with something a tad more interesting! Would love to know what Netflix Picks you have been loving or binging on recently... Let me know! 

Ciao, Maddie xoxo