Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Happiness Planner 2016!

             The Happiness Planner 2016

I purchased the Happiness Planner because I had seen a lot of positive reviews and comments from other bloggers. I love the inspirational quotes in the planner. I also love that it gives people a way to work out the best way to be happy, while also being able to plan their days with to do lists and schedules. Click the link here to purchase the Happiness Planner. 

I love the gold text on the front of the Happiness Planner and the gold hardware. I love cute/pretty stationary and I literally cannot wait to start using the planner. The Happiness Planner comes in Pink with Gold or Blue with Gold and can also be purchased with 'Happy Notes'. 

You can also buy an undated 100 day Happiness Planner, meaning you can start it whenever you wanted. You can purchase the undated planners in packs of 3, which means you can purchase them as Christmas/Birthday presents. 
They also sell Happy Notes and Happy Cards, however for the moment Happy Cards are only available in the U.S.

The Happiness Planner has a few pages at the beginning where you can write your focuses for each month, what makes you happy etc. You will be encouraged to set goals that will maximise your happiness level and show you how to plan your life around things that truly matter with the people who truly matter. The beginning pages will help you to create your Happiness Roadmap. 

The Happiness Planner also comes with some printables; My New Year's Resolutions, My Goals, Change a Habit in 30 Days and My Bucket list. There are also 3 gold hardware clips to attach the printables into your planner. There are other things you can plan out daily, for example, daily meal plans and exercise plans, daily goal setting, daily reflection and motivational daily quotes. 

You can rate yourself on your energy and happiness level each day and reflect on how happy you've been throughout each month. 

I think the Happiness Planner will help me through bad days and it will also help me to appreciate the good days. 

I will update you on my experience with the Happiness Planner when I start using it. 

Ciao, Maddie xoxo

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