Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Christmas Gift Guide For Her!

As I'm sure most, if not all of you know... It's nearly Christmas and I'm way too excited this year. When I say way too excited I mean I've been on Christmas Countdown since my birthday in October and I've put my Christmas decorations up in my bedroom/office already! Anyway to get my Christmas posts going I decided to create a gift guide, as trust me everyone, including me, knows the struggles of trying to find the ''perfect'' present. Especially for the picky relatives! So lets dive in...

1. My Mum loves cooking and her recipes are perfection. However, when she comes up with new recipes she writes them on scrap paper and ends up either losing them or the paper gets ruined. I found two perfect options for Mum's who do this. A Jamie Oliver recipe box at Boots for just £18.00 or for only £20 on Notonthehighstreet - My Family Recipe Book.

2. Yankee Candles - also they have a gorgeous selection of Christmas fragrances. These can be purchased on the Yankee Candle website, Amazon and Very. However for the complete collection go to the YC website. I'm extremely lucky to have a Yankee Candle shop just around the corner, it does mean I tend to overspend though. 

3. Lush Gift Sets - In my opinion you can never go wrong with Lush gift sets. There are so many too choose from and you pick your price range from under £15 to over £30. My only problem with Lush is that I always to spend money on myself as well...ooops!

4. If your Mum is a coffee lover like mine, an idea that is bound to put a smile on her face is a subscription coffee service like that offered by 3 month - £24.00, 6 month - £45.00 and 12 month - £85.00. 

5. My Mum is also an avid reader and she recently had her Kindle stolen. For Christmas I'm buying her the Amazon Kindle Fire, as not only will she be able to read books on this, she will also be able to watch her favourite movies and TV shows. This is a perfect affordable tablet. 

6. Personalised gifts are always amazing and they create such long lasting memories. Head to or as they both have a ton of unique, personal Christmas presents. 


1. I adore the Warmies Cozy Plush Body Boots which can be purchased for only £16.95 at In summary, they are slippers which you can heat in the microwave and are scented with Lavender.

2. Soap and Glory have millions of different gift sets too choose from at and they range in price from £5 to £40. They include either S&G cosmetics or bath/shower products and are certainly worth the price tag in my opinion.

3. Marc Jacobs - Daisy 50ml Eau de Toilette Christmas gift set - currently 33% off at £36.01. Not much to say about this - every girl loves to own an expensive perfume!

4. I adore Virgin Experience days and they make such a perfect present, no matter who you are buying for. Currently you can save 50% off an Express Spa treat with the River Wellbeing Spa at the 5* Hotel Rafayel, London for just £99.00.

5. The Clinique Shining Stars Beauty Box is just £25.00 at Selfridges. What a steal, definitely worth the money!

6. The Red Herring - Grey 'Mrs Elf' Christmas jumper at Debenhams is just the cutest and it is only £14.00. 

1. The Tiffany Notes ''I love you'' ring from Tiffany&Co has to be the most perfect present for a long term girlfriend. At £100 it is slightly more expensive, but it's just so beautiful!

2. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is another perfect present at just £63.99 at Argos.

3. The Viktor&Rolf - Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum gift set 50ml is only £66.60 - 10% off at Debenhams. 

4.The Laura Ashley Ultimate Indulgence gift set at £40.00 at Boots. I always find that Boots gift sets are really great value for money. 

5. If your significant other is always on the go - a perfect present would be the 2016 Happiness Planner - keeping you happy and motivated at the same time! The Happiness Planner is only £39.

6. Finally, at just £21.99 from Boots the Large Jar Yankee Candle Snow In Love is perfect for cosy, romantic winter nights in. 

Lots of Love...

Ciao, Maddie xoxo

*Disclaimer: I have neither been paid or asked by any company to promote or advertise these products.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Pray For Paris!

I just wanted to tell everyone that tonight all of my thoughts and prayers are with Paris and I hope you are doing the same. To the people who are doing this, all we ask for in this world, is for peace. Surely that is not too much to ask for. Waking up to this devastating news on the morning of 14th November was horrendous. R.I.P to the people who lost their lives at the hands of this torture. 

I would also like to pray for the rest of the world, as we lost 115,200 heartbeats on the 13th November 2015 in under 24 hours, due to terrorism, mother nature and other terrible events. 

           Stay Strong!

Aria Montgomery Style Inspiration!

                                               Aria Montgomery Style Inspiration

I have been re-watching all series' of Pretty Little Liars and since I have always loved Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) and her style, I decided to write a blog post showing you how to capture her unique style. I know a lot of other bloggers have done this already, but ah well. I have chosen one of her more simple outfits for this post, but it just so happened to be in the episode I was watching. I love Aria's edgy, bohemian street style, which is why I decided to focus on her style today. I will be focusing on more of Aria's outfit choices in the future - as there are so many that I love. I love how Aria uses lots of jewellery like rings to accessorize her outfit.                                                              

H&M - £12.99 - Striped Top in White/Dark Blue

Aria wears black and white stripes on a regular basis and on this occasion she opted for a simple black and white striped, long sleeved top. The top I have found which is almost a perfect dupe apart from having a slightly higher collar is only £12.99 from H&M. 

Simply Be - £16.00 - Velour Leggings

Aria also wears black leggings quite frequently, however they usually have a pattern too them - like the ones I have found. The ones I have found here are velour, but there a lot of different dark patterns for example; floral. Again these leggings are very affordable at only £16.00 from Simply Be.  

River Island - Ankle Boots - £30.00

Debenhams - £28.00 - Black Bag
Aria usually wears long boots as opposed to ankle boots, but in this outfit she is wearing black ankle boots. I couldn't get a perfect view of them while watching the show, therefore I just opted for these as I feel they are very expressive of Aria's style and she does wear wedge type heels quite often. Again I have found another bargain as these boots are only £30.00 reduced from £50.00 at River Island. 

As you can see from the style board and the photograph of Aria, she is using a small black shoulder bag in this outfit. I thought this bag from J by Jasper Conran at Debenhams was near enough a perfect dupe, as it is only a simple style, but the silver hardware means it is still pretty cute. I also love the amount of pockets on this bag and at only £28.00, I think it is a true style steal! 

ASOS - £24 - Necklace

I really struggled to find the multi coloured leaf necklace Aria is wearing here. However from looking at her style in other episodes, I found a necklace which matches her style quite well and would add a nice pop of colour to this whole outfit combo. As I said early Aria's style is quite edgy and artistic, and I believe this necklace from ASOS is perfect.

Unfortunately in this outfit we don't get a very good look at Aria, therefore we cannot see if she is wearing any rings, therefore I will do a blog post on one of her more complex outfits in the near future. As well as Aria's style, I also love her natural makeup look, as she pulls it off really well, so I will also do a makeup tutorial at some point as well. 

Thanks for reading guys. See you again soon.

Ciao, Maddie xoxo  

The Happiness Planner 2016!

             The Happiness Planner 2016

I purchased the Happiness Planner because I had seen a lot of positive reviews and comments from other bloggers. I love the inspirational quotes in the planner. I also love that it gives people a way to work out the best way to be happy, while also being able to plan their days with to do lists and schedules. Click the link here to purchase the Happiness Planner. 

I love the gold text on the front of the Happiness Planner and the gold hardware. I love cute/pretty stationary and I literally cannot wait to start using the planner. The Happiness Planner comes in Pink with Gold or Blue with Gold and can also be purchased with 'Happy Notes'. 

You can also buy an undated 100 day Happiness Planner, meaning you can start it whenever you wanted. You can purchase the undated planners in packs of 3, which means you can purchase them as Christmas/Birthday presents. 
They also sell Happy Notes and Happy Cards, however for the moment Happy Cards are only available in the U.S.

The Happiness Planner has a few pages at the beginning where you can write your focuses for each month, what makes you happy etc. You will be encouraged to set goals that will maximise your happiness level and show you how to plan your life around things that truly matter with the people who truly matter. The beginning pages will help you to create your Happiness Roadmap. 

The Happiness Planner also comes with some printables; My New Year's Resolutions, My Goals, Change a Habit in 30 Days and My Bucket list. There are also 3 gold hardware clips to attach the printables into your planner. There are other things you can plan out daily, for example, daily meal plans and exercise plans, daily goal setting, daily reflection and motivational daily quotes. 

You can rate yourself on your energy and happiness level each day and reflect on how happy you've been throughout each month. 

I think the Happiness Planner will help me through bad days and it will also help me to appreciate the good days. 

I will update you on my experience with the Happiness Planner when I start using it. 

Ciao, Maddie xoxo

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Yankee Candle Haul!

Went shopping for ''some'' new candles and got ever so slightly carried away (£120 carried away) CRINGING! Must admit if we had a Bath&Body Works in the UK, it could have been a LOT worse. So since I have been on a bit of a spree, I figured I might as well show you guys. 

Beach Walk from Yankee Candle
''Just Breathe and take it all in'' Must admit I only opted for this candle for the packaging, but I do love the scent. It is a two wick candle which I love. I figured this candle would be amazing for during the day when I'm relaxing or blogging. I believe these can be found on the Yankee Candle website, although I bought all of my candles from my local Yankee Candle shop.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Christmas Cookie by Yankee Candle
I have always loved this scent at Christmas time, it brings back memories of baking at Christmas with my mum and grandma. It is also quite fresh scented which is unusual for Christmas scents, as most have rich fragrances such as; mulled wine, wood, pine etc. As you may be aware from most of these purchases I am far more partial too fresh scented candles. I urge you, if you are looking for a Christmas candle, this should be one of your new faves. 

The Candleberry Co. in Raspberry Lemonade
I wanted to try this candle, as I have never purchased or used a candle from this company. The raspberry lemonade scent, I found, was on of the loveliest fragrances. There were a lot of different scents to choose from, so I'm hoping it burns well so I can try out some of the others. My mum also purchased a few Candleberry co. candles, which she is currently burning and I am falling in love with.                          

The Country Candle Company in Zanzibar
This is my favourite candle out of all that I bought, on this occasion. Also, for £29.99, there is a lot of candle as it does burn quite slowly. This is the only candle I have already tried and tested since purchasing them. I took the photos as soon as I could so I could start using the candles. This candle has a very fresh, coconuty scent and smells quite like beaches.                                     

I have also purchased a few smaller candles. Soft Blanket by Yankee Candle, Baby Powder by Yankee Candle, Christmas Eve by Yankee Candle, Christmas Memories by Yankee Candle and Cosy By The Fire by Yankee Candle. 

Thanks for reading, 
Will be back soon with something new!

Maddie xoxo