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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

My Morning Skincare Routine+Products!

Hey Guys, today I am doing my Skincare routine, because I am really happy with it at the minute as I have bought quite a lot of new products over December. I have included three cleansers in this post, as I do tend to switch them out quite often and therefore I use all three quite a lot. So let's get down to business:)

The first step in my Skincare Routine is to wash my hands, which might seem a little strange, but the thought of washing my face whilst my hands are full of bacteria is such a no no! You don't want to skip this step as you don't want to transfer bacteria from your hands to your face, as this makes it more likely that you will break out. 

The second step in my Morning Skincare Routine is to wash/cleanse my skin. The first product I use for this is the Simple Skincare moisturising facial wash, which I usually use when my skin is breaking out and is feeling quite sensitive. I love Simple products and they always make my skin feel extremely clean and fresh. You rock, Simple:) Occasionally when my skin is feeling very dirty, I use the Garnier PureActive 3 in 1 wash, scrub and mask however I usually save this for my evening routine as I don't like to be too harsh to my skin in the morning. My most frequently used cleanser however is the Burt's Bees' Intense Hydration cream cleanser. I love this product so so much and it has only recently become a staple of mine. Since I started using it last month I have noticed such a difference in my skin, less breakouts, less redness etc. It is also quite inexpensive and for the amount you pay you get A LOT of product! I also use the Soap and Glory Facial Brush to apply my cleanser as it is a lot more sanitary than using my hands. 

The next step in my morning skincare routine is toner, my favourite at the minute being the Simple Soothing Facial Toner (as you can tell there is a bit of a ''Simple theme'' going on here) I love this toner because it never fails to make my skin feel healthy and refreshed.

After cleansing my skin I like to spray on my Evian Facial Spray, which I purchased on a whim a few weeks ago. I haven't really noticed much of a difference from using this yet, but I will keep you updated. 

Next up is a bigggg necessity and that is moisturiser. My favourite current moisturiser is the Simple hydrating light moisturiser. Although it is winter and most people use heavy moisturiser's because it's not very warm outside, however I prefer light moisturiser all year round, so this ones perfect for me. 

Finally, I occasionally use my Soap and Glory Eye Cream and my Avon Instant Spot Treatment, depending whether I need it or not (which to be honest I usually do). 

Anyway, I hope you all had a Happy New Year and are enjoying 2015! Currently, I'm not particularly enjoying it, as I have a bugger of a cold/flu. I am currently writing/typing this blog post with a steaming hot Vimto to make myself feel better! 

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post guys...
See you next time!
Maddie xoxo

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