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Monday, 8 December 2014

Blogmas - Manchester German Christmas Markets!

Hey guys, so as most of you may know, from my 50 facts about me post, I'm a girl who LOVES Christmas (that much that it had to be in CAPITALS!) Therefore it might not come as much of a surprise that I decided to do blogmas, although I must admit not in the conventional way as this is my first Christmassy post... but expect more to come:D On Saturday I visited the German Markets in Manchester with my mum and her friend. We were also in Manchester to see Shrek the Musical, but more on that later. I decided to share with you some photographs and stories from our little day trip/night trip. 

Our first stop of the day after we got off the train was to go and get a nice steaming mulled wine each as it was so so cold. The mulled wine from the German Markets is THE nicest thing ever (as long as your old enough of course). After a super busy train journey, this is definitely the pick me up we needed.'s Christmas tradition so of course we had to have one...
Not sure what these are called but it is so cute and christmassy and I love it!

Just a little shot of part of the markets and a few of the stalls. There is also a really cool swing ride
at the back!

I love this huge Father Christmas that sits on top of the town hall, it's so cute. It usually gets put up during the Christmas lights switch on! This photograph was taken at the main section of the markets which was absolutely packed on Saturday night when we went. 

I loved this little store so much so that I asked if I could take a photograph of it, because I really wanted to show you guys. They have the cutest Christmas decorations ever, glass baubles, baby father Christmas's and wooden Christmas garlands. Also the couple who worked there were the loveliest people ever. If anyone reading this blog has the opportunity to visit Manchester markets, please visit this stall as it is amazing. 

Aww my Mum and her friend look so happy here...

I must admit I went a little crazy on spending on the stalls on Saturday. I bought myself some Butterscotch coffee, some mini macaroons in Caramel, Vanilla and Chocolate flavours and also drank mulled wine and German beer. I also bought some Christmas presents for the family, which I think they will really enjoy. After going to the markets we went to see Shrek the Musical at the Palace Theatre, which was an amazing show we all loved it. 

See you guys in the next Christmas post:)
Maddie xoxo

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