Monday, 24 November 2014

My Winter Essentials...


Hi Guys, so winter is around the corner and in some ways it is already here. Therefore I have cracked out all of my winter essentials and thought I would show them to you. These are my favourite things to have/use over the winter months...

1. Candles

The best thing about winter is coming home and getting all warm and cosy and lighting some candles, so here are just a few of my favourite winter candles (I have a lot more:)) To me candles are such an important part of any season, but there are so many different scents in the winter and I just have to have them all! I have been given a Yankee Candle advent house this year, which is super amazing and I am so excited to start opening it! One of my favourite winter candles is the Wax Lyrical Let It Snow Candle, which I bought last year at Tesco's. I'm not sure if they are selling them this year, but I stocked up last year and bought 3!! Also, Yankee Candle literally have the nicest winter scents in the world, so I recommend checking them out!

2. Dark Lipstick

Another amazing thing about winter is wearing really dark lipsticks and my current favourite is the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Venom. I adore Urban Decay lipsticks, but I can't get over this one, I have been wearing it ever day as it goes with pretty much every winter outfit I own. I think dark lips in the winter paired with a cosy cardigan or jumper and black boots looks stunning!

3. Mittens

I might sound sad saying this but I love love love wearing mittens in winter because it just reminds me of when I was in primary school and my mum used to make me put on my little red and black mittens before leaving the house when it was cold. They are the comfiest thing in the world and they don't even cost that much. I bought my pair from Tesco's last year:)

4. Cosy Blankets

I absolutely love jumping in bed after a long day in the cold and having a cuddly cosy blanket to snuggle up with. It is amazing! This blanket is so cute because it is a lovely cream colour and has the cutest pom poms on it:) 

I love winter so much and there are so many other things that I do and love in the winter but these were ''just a few of my favourite things, that make me feel so good'' I love that song haha. Thanks for reading guys, speak to you again soon.