Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Pretty Little Liars Review and Look Back!

Hey guys, so I decided to write this post today, as I have been meaning to for a long time and I figured since the #WeloveyoutodeAth fan appreciation Halloween Special of PLL is here tonight... it's a pretty good time:) I'm going to do a mini review of PLL and also comment on a few of my favourite theories. I must admit first, this could be a long post as I love love love PLL!

I must admit Pretty Little Liars has been my guilty pleasure for a long time, I wouldn't admit to friends or family how much I watch it, because they would probably think I was crazy...but ah well. On the internet it doesn't matter:) I have loved PLL from the beginning because of the drama, the suspense and the cliffhangers. If your not a fan of not knowing things straight away I wouldn't recommend it, because as you PLL fans know, we have been waiting to learn who BIG A is for a reallllly long time. I'm not sure whether I should read the books, because I have been told they are a lot different to the television program, but I must admit Sara Shepard is an amazing author. The character's in PLL are constantly evolving and the viewers are constantly learning new things about them, which makes them easier to connect with. The suspense that comes with the character of A is immense, there are people with motives everywhere, because Ali treated people badly and every time we think we know who A is, we are proved wrong, or we find out that there is someone else as well. Although for first time viewers it appears to be a teen drama, I believe PLL will be enjoyable for other age groups too (I mean my Mum LOVES it and she's 46). 

My favourite A theory from Pretty Little Liars is that Alison herself is A, although this one isn't quite as well known and may seem slightly too obvious, as the girl who killed Mona was blonde and could have just been someone else in a wig. The reason I believe A could be Ali, is because of the way she has constantly treated, like they are 'her puppets' and not truly her friends. After seeing the clip from 'How the A stole Christmas' where Alison walks into the Christmas party with a new group of friends, I thought if Ali really cared about the Liars she wouldn't do that. Also, Ali was 'missing' for two years and yet she was everywhere, a little bit like A seems to be, she came back knowing everything that had gone on. In the episode 'Whirly Girl' Ali tells her Father that Emily told her about her Mother and Father divorcing, however we never saw Em tell her that. Probably because Alison already knew. It was easy for Alison to be A, she already knew all the girl's secrets. There are so many other reasons, but I don't want to ramble, so I will move on. 

My second favourite A theory is that Aria is A, this is a very well known theory and there are so many different reasons for it. The most significant reason is that nothing bad ever really happens to Aria, Hanna got hit by a car, Spencer got sent to Radley because she though Toby was dead, Emily had social services called on her, nearly got killed by Nate and her girlfriend was killed. But Aria... all that's really happened to her is nearly losing Ezra and the trouble with her Father and Meredith, which in comparison to what the other girls have been through seems like nothing. When Mona is in Radley, she's says in hers and Hanna's language Miss Aria Your A Killer Not Ezra's Wife... which translated as Maya Knew, but could there have been another meaning behind what Mona was saying, was she suggesting that Aria tried to kill Ali? Also, when Mona asks the girls who is the best at hiding the truth from someone who is close to them, all of the girls agree that it is Aria, maybe there is a big secret that she has been keeping from them for a LONG time! 

Anyway it's midnight here in the UK now, just an hour until the PLL Halloween Special and I'm very excited, so I must dash! Make sure your watching and comment your favourite PLL theory down below!

It's not over yet bitches! -A

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

It's been too long...

Hey Guys, oh my goodness... it has literally been forever since I wrote a blog post and I have missed it so so much, but once college started again, I don't get any time to myself to sit down and plan and write a blog post. Even my weekends are full of revision etc. I am going to try and get myself back into a routine, because blogging always cheers me up, to be honest it's quite therapeutic! I must admit though, my routine still could be a little hazy, because I'm doing this for myself, as a hobby and sometimes I just don't have time to write a blog post. I mean come on guys, A-levels are REALLY hard:)

So hopefully I will have another post up by weekend... see you guys then:)