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Friday, 8 August 2014

Kim Kardashian Inspired Makeup Look!

So today I thought I would do something slightly different and do an actual makeup look/tutorial, because I realized I haven't actually done anything like that yet. One thing I will mention before we begin is that in these photos I used natural light and no studio lighting, which means I might not look my best...but fingers crossed. Also, no hating please guys, I just think it's so pointless...just be nice or say nothing at all:) Of course, I don't actually look like Kim K (god knows I wish I did), but I tried my best! 

So here is the look I achieved, I was going to use some false eyelashes and darker red lipstick, however when I came to do this look I realized that I had run out of both of these things. For my face I used the Seventeen Stay Time Long Wear Primer, Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation, Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer, Max Factor Créme Puff Powder and Avon Glow Bronzer in Medium and MAC Blusher in Peaches. I used the concealer to highlight the bridge of my nose and underneath my eyes, as Kim does have very highlighted skin. For contouring I used the MAC blusher and also the Avon Glow Bronzer. I didn't want the contouring to be too strong, however I still wanted it to be visible. I also used the bronzer to slim my nose down slightly on both sides of my nose. 

For my eyes and brows I used the Studio London Palette Bronzed Beauty, as Kim's eyes are usually quite smoky, yet subdued, she doesn't usually use any bright colours and her main eye shadow colours are bronzed, neutral shades. I used the shade Smooth Mocha, which is a rich brown on my upper lash line, Burnished Bronze on my eyelid, Precious Gold on my crease and Toasted Almond, the lightest shade just below my brow line. I also used the No7 Stay Precise Liquid Liner in my inner corner and upper lash line and blended it out. On my lower lash line I used a MAC Eye shadow in Carbon. For mascara I used the Body Collection Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara. For my brows I used a MAC eye shadow in Carbon again and the Bobbi Brown Brow Pencil in Brunette. 

For my lips I simply used my Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick in Roasted Red and my MAC lip liner in Redd (that is the name of a colour for those who don't know, not just a typo:))

And that my friends is my completed Kim Kardashian Makeup Inspired Look. I'm not sure I have done it justice but hopefully my next celebrity inspired look will come out slightly better with a little more practice. Also I kept getting distracted when I was doing this makeup as I was watching Tanya Burr's YouTube videos, which are literally the bomb!! Hope you enjoyed this, leave any comments with other celeb makeup styles you would like me to do and hopefully the next one will be a little better, when I actually have all of the products I need. 

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  1. Dear just came across your blog and I must say this post is amazing :) I love your blog is it just lovely

    keep up to good work :)

    If you have a minute I would love to see you over on my blog

    have a lovely day



    1. Aw thank you sweetie, love hearing that people are enjoying my posts:)
      Of course I will check out your blog:) xx

  2. I'm loving the lipstick you used!

    Hannah x