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Monday, 18 August 2014

Celebrity Style - Selena Gomez 2014

Hey guys so today I really wanted to write a blog post because I have got so many amazing ideas and I really want to start writing them, but I am currently trying to sort and organize my whole bedroom including make-up, clothes.. everything, and it is taking so long. So I ended up spending pretty much all day today doing that, but I have stopped for the night now, so I made a nice mocha, lit my fave candle, which is currently the Yankee Candle Christmas Treats (so what if it's not Christmas yet?) and sat down to do a blog post for you all:)  

I have been wanting to write this post for soooo long and I will probably be continuing this and doing a celebrity style series. I really loved this outfit on Selena Gomez from January 2014, because it is something slightly different to what she usually wears, but everything goes together so perfectly. I did some research and have found some great dupes for the clothes she is wearing here. If you want to know more keep reading:) 

Black Bandage Crop Top - River Island - £18

Wal G Top in Floral Print - ASOS - £31 ON SALE FOR £18      

Gold Tone Diamant√© Encased Hoop Earrings - River Island - £10 

Cat Eye Sunglasses with Chain Metal Arms - ASOS - £12
Disclaimer: All of the images were taken from the website stocking the item. None of these stockists sponsored me to do this blog post, all of the ideas were my own. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe you can take some inspiration from it! Thanks for reading sweeties!  


  1. I love her style!

    New post on my blog it'll mean the world to me if you check it out :)

    1. So do I, she always looks so on trend and lovely and of course I will check out your blog:)