Friday, 25 July 2014

What to do about...Bad Breakouts?!

Bad Breakout?!

Hello! It's MaddieDarling and I have decided, for my first ever blog post, to write about what to do when you get the dreaded breakout of spots!! The reason for this is because I couldn't decide on a subject to discuss first and as I am personally having the worst of breakouts at the minute, what better to talk about. I must admit although I am not claiming to be a skincare professional in any way, I do believe due to the amount of experience I have had with breakouts, that I will be able to provide some good advice. 

First things first, the worst bit about a spot is the nagging pain you have before the spot comes up, when the area around it is all red and sore. This is the worst stage because there isn't really a lot to do. The one thing I would recommend it not to touch the area with your hands or mess with the spot, as this will just make it even more sore, more red and will make it take even longer to heal. 

When you are having a bad breakout, or even a small breakout, steer clear of any skincare products which have too many harsh chemicals in them and also steer clear of any products which you know make your skin oily or greasy. Also, once your spot has appeared and revealed it's true ugly self, I urge you not to pick or squeeze it, as this can cause permanent or long lasting damage to your skin, which is never a good thing, it just means you would have to cover up with more concealer.

Before the spot appears,  I like to use LUSH Grease Lightning Tea Tree spot treatment, which is the most effective spot treatment I have ever used. Once you have applied the gel, you should then leave it to dry, which admittedly takes quite a while depending on the amount of product you use. The gel will then dry up those nasty blighters and make them disappear. YAY!! This treatment works for me when applied once a day for about three days, however this may be different for others. Also, I believe this product prevents further breakouts, although LUSH don't claim this to be true, it is just something I have noticed from personal experience. Another spot treatment gel which is slightly less expensive but works just as well is the Avon Clearskin Emergency Instant spot treatment. This treatment works in exactly the same way as the LUSH Grease Lightning, it dries once applied to the skin and helps to make the spot disappear. 

Another important thing to do during a breakout, is to ensure your skin is clean all the time. I believe it is a sin to let my skin get dirty anyway:). However, during a breakout your skin can sometime become more oily and more greasy and therefore, your pores are more likely to get blocked...leading to more nasty spots:(. I like to use a facial wash morning and night, usually Simple's Kind to Skin Moisturising Facial Wash as this doesn't contain any harsh chemicals and it is the most effective facial wash for my skin type during a breakout. 

These are just a few of my tips for dealing with a bad breakout, I hope you enjoyed it and I have linked the products in case any of you need them yourselves. 

Thanks for reading, 

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