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Monday, 28 July 2014

My Favourite... iPhone Apps of the Month!

This month I have had quite a few favourite apps, so I'm going to list 3 of them and tell you what they are about and why I like them. If you like these favourites of the month blogs let me know and I will post some more. 

1. MapMyWalk - Recently I have been trying to exercise more and keep myself healthy. This app has been perfect for fitness beginners as it tells you how many calories you use up whilst walking. I use this app when I'm walking the dog and when I'm out with friends walking round the shops etc. This app has also increased my motivation to walk even more and it doing my a lot of good. So this is definitely an app I suggest to someone who wants to keep themselves healthy. 

2. 8Tracks - This has literally been the most amazing app in the world. This app has music playlists for every occasion such as exercise, getting ready, parties and yoga. The selection of music is great and it must be my most used app this month. I have used it paired with MapMyWalk, to help keep me motivated when I'm out walking the dog etc.

3. Instagram - This is one of my favourite apps every month. I love Instagram, it is one of my favourite social media sites, apart from this blog. I post new photos every day and it's great way of keeping hold of memories and looking back at my month in photos, which is something I am going to do a blog post about at some point. I can't fault Instagram! My Instagram Username is maddiepluplesxoxo

Let me know if you would like to see more favourites blog posts and what you would like them to focus on. 


  1. Nice post, I use instagram a lot! I'd recommend you the app called 'iTube'. Since you're interested in beauty, I did a post on where to buy big brands (makeup) for very low, cheap & affordable prices. Maybe swing by my blog? :)


    1. Thank you, Instagram is brilliant, I love it! Will have a look at iTube. That sounds like a great post will check it out now:) xx