Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Makeup Review: KIKO Nail Polishes/Lacquers!!

Hello Lovelies, I am going to admit now before you continue reading that this blog is going to be quite long and will contain quite a few pictures as I am reviewing my KIKO Nail Polishes as a collection rather than separately. Now, I must admit... I might have too many nail polishes. What am I saying?! Is that even possible? Although I must have every colour possible now AND every brand possible! I am not going to link all of the nail polishes as they are all from the same company so I have left a clickable link to KIKO's website at the top of the blog post. F.Y.I. I am going to do reviews of other nail polish brands in the future:)

The first KIKO nail polish I have in my collection is the Nail Lacquer in 310 - Golden Orange. I bought this nail polish last year in Spain and it was one of the first KIKO nail polishes I had purchased. My main reason for buying it was the colour as it is perfect for summer, it looks like the sun is sat on your nails! (hmm..). Also, I'm not sure if you can tell from the photograph but there is also a slight shimmer to the polish, which looks great when you are wearing it. I would recommend this shade as it is more pigmented than some of the other shades and therefore only one coat is necessary. The brushes in the KIKO nail polishes are also a lot softer than some other brands which allows for a smoother finish. All of the nail polishes shown are very quick drying, which is useful for those such as myself who just can't be bothered waiting for nail polish to dry (I usually end up rubbing it all over something of course:))

The next shade I have is the Nail Lacquer in 221 - Light Satin Beige. This is a more nude/neutral shade and I tend to wear this a lot for meetings, job interviews, etc. It is also an acceptable colour if you're only allowed pale nail polish at work. I must admit though, this shade seems a lot darker in the bottle than it is on your nails and to achieve the colour in the bottle you have to do a few applications.

The next shade I have is Nail Lacquer 314 - Cyclamen. This is a pink nail polish with purple undertones I believe, however once applied to the nail it comes across quite a bright pink. The purple tones are still there but they're not as clear as they are when it is in the bottle. However, I do adore this colour and I usually wear it with plain coloured clothing to make my nails the main focus...they adore the spotlight:)

The next shade is Nail Lacquer in 216 - Satin Pastel Pink. This shade is similar to the 221 - Light Satin Beige as it is a very pale colour and is therefore acceptable for things like interviews. The pink provides a hint of colour however to strengthen the colour you can just apply a few more coats. 

This next nail polish has to be my favourite, in fact I am actually wearing it in the photographs on this blog post. This is from the Sugar Mat Collection which unfortunately was a limited edition and has therefore been discontinued. I will keep my eyes peeled for any dupes as I love this polish myself and would love to purchase something similar. The Sugar Mat effect leaves a sort of rough effect once the nail polish dries, however the colour pigments brilliantly and they always look neat and pretty.  

Next up is the Nail Lacquer in 337 - Periwinkle Violet. Again, I adore this colour, however I also like the fact that this is a little different to the other polishes as it has a slightly matte effect due to the fact that there is no shimmer like there is in most of the others. 

The next nail polish is Nail Lacquer in 228 - Sparkle Touch Transparent Microglitter. This polish is perfect if you are going for a very minimalistic look or even as a top coat for one of the other polishes, in fact that's what I use it for most of the time. This is because on it's own it looks slightly pointless as it is a ''barely there'' colour. 

Next up is the Magnetic Nail Lacquer in 705 - Emerald Turquoise. The magnetic edition is still available online...yay! I forgot to include a photograph of the nail art magnet which you should purchase with this polish. The nail polish reacts to the nail art magnet and you can make stunning patterns on your nails. I find this is such an easy but clever idea for accent nails. The end result gives your nails a matte metallic look.  

This next one is another limited edition, it is the Mirror Nail Lacquer in 618. I haven't actually had that much experience with this one as I have only used it twice in the time that I have had it. 

And last but not least we have the Nail Lacquer in 235 - Pearly Orange. This colour is very similar to the 310 - Golden Orange, except that this one has swirls of other orange tones in it, which shows on the nails and gives a fantastic effect. 

I feel like my last two blog posts have just been so incredibly long and hopefully my next one will be slightly shorter, since not everyone has like 6 years just to read one blog post:) If you have any questions or any suggestions on good dupes of the limited edition KIKO Nail Polishes, please let me know, I love hearing from you guys:) Thanks for reading....


  1. You got some gorgeous shades, love the violet one! So pretty! xo

  2. They are fab believe me!! They look lovely whenever the occasion:) xo Thanks for you comment sweetie:) xo

  3. they're all beautiful shades!

    from helen at

    1. They really are lovely, definitely my favourite brand of nail polishes!x

  4. Hey hun, I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Pop over to my blog for details. xx

    1. Thank you hun, not quite sure what it is, but I've heard about it. I will go and check it out now:) xx