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Friday, 25 July 2014

Let's talk about...Relationships!

Let's talk about relationships, because whether they are healthy or not, bad or good, it's always good to talk about it. It's always good to hear from someone with experience and listen to any advice or tips they might that's what I'm hear to do. Just call me your favourite agony aunt. 

Just a quick note - If you find yourself in a hurtful or abusive relationship please seek out professional help because although I'm here to talk, I am in no way qualified to help out professionally. 

In every relationship, the most important thing is trust and it either makes or breaks a relationship. Therefore you should be honest with your significant other and you should believe that they are honest with you. A good solution to building up trust is to communicate your concerns with your partner and come up with solutions. In one of my previous relationships, I didn't take this advice and we were constantly checking up on each other, there was no trust and no matter how much we wanted to make it work, we couldn't. I'm not saying that trust can't be built, but we had just let it go to far. However, our relationship was quite unhealthy anyway even without the trust issues. 

Another important aspect in any relationship is having time to yourself as well as with your partner. It is never a good thing to spend too much time with each other, as arguments can bubble over and get worse. It is important to have me - time, to pamper yourselves and to spend time with your friends and family too. 

It is always necessary to have boundaries and to ensure that these are properly followed and that your partner listens to you and respects your wishes. Understanding each other's personal boundaries is important if you wish to have a healthy relationship. 

In some relationships, again from my own personal experience, I know that it isn't always your romantic partner causing the problems. Sometimes it can be other people who just seem to forget that a relationship is only between two people. If you find yourself in a similar situation take these quick tips and hopefully things will sort themselves out. 

1. If this ''extra person'' is in your life then cut them out because they can't be that significant if they can do something like this to you. 
2. Keep positive, once the person is gone you can improve your relationship
3. If your boyfriend or other half cheated on you with this person you can either give him a second chance or leave him. I would suggest you leave him as you will feel much better for it. 
4. Forget about the other person, don't let them ruin your relationship if they are no longer in the picture. 
5. Bond with your other half to help each other through the rough patch. 

Never forget to be yourself, you can live without them if that's what is necessary. You are your own person and you shouldn't let a relationship define you. 

Never forget to talk to your friends or family, they will always be there for you! 

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